Loving Arms Midwifery

Loving Arms Midwifery
Loving Arms Midwifery, High Level

Practice Description:

Ready for a northern midwifery adventure! One that will offer multi-disciplinary support and intriguing maternity cases in a beautiful northern community. Then please look more into Loving Arms Midwifery. It is a practice in High Level, servicing local communities including La Crete and Fort Vermilion. This practice offers a great worklife balance with great support from nurses, doctors and midwife. Midwifery is well-integrated and well respected in this northern community. Currently it is a solo-practice fulltime midwife with more than enough clientelle to support more midwives.

Additional Training and Skills:

We are a rural/remote facility without NICU/ICU and require our midwives to have strong emergency response skills as there is a significant transport time to a higher level of care. Furthermore, we require any new midwives to have an understanding of the surrounding culture in the area, which can be reviewed.

Fee Costs:

Practice fees are $700 per course of care to Loving Arms Midwifery and $140 per course of care to the AAM.

Mentorship and Operations:

The NR will most likely work under a primary care model with support from the other midwife in the practice. However, this will be discussed further when a NR is chosen, as there is a possibility of a shared care model too. We have administrative staff available during business hours that handles our scheduling, intakes and running lab tests. The NR will have 4 weeks of paid and covered time off, similar to the other midwife and how this will be taken will be determined once hired. Alternate holiday time can also be discussed.

Other Benefits and Information:

We have some doula's in the area that offer free services for midwifery clients. All disposable equipment is provided by the practice, as well as homebirth equipment. We have a bedside ultrasound and NST machine available in our clinic space.

Questions for the NR: What interests you in Loving Arms Midwifery practice? What are your long term goals in midwifery and where do you see yourself practicing?

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Closing date: July 01, 2019