Board & Staff

Historically, the AAM was run by its board members and a host of volunteer midwives. Today, the heart of the AAM remains its board, but we also boast an organized team of dedicated professionals to provide you with exemplary service and support. 

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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Nicole Matheson, RM

Past President

Nadine Robinson, RM

Vice President

Jessica Swain, RM

Indigenous Director

Erin Braaten, RM

Insurance Director

Emily West

Student Director

Amrit Rai, RM

Director at Large

Marita Obst, RM


Stacy Peleskey, RM

Director at Large


Harjit Baumann

General Manager

Lolly de Jonge

Chief Executive Officer

Harlow Ring

Member & Client Services Coordinator

Scott Wallace

Director, Insurance and Risk