Alberta Midwifery Matters Conference 2019

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Alberta Midwifery Matters Conference 2019

In 2018, the AAM hosted its inaugural conference at the Grey Eagle Resort on the Tsuut’ina Nation (adjacent to Calgary) after being been awarded funding through the Status of Women Community Grant Program. With 96% of participants finding the speakers extremely engaging or very engaging, the conference program was curated by Dr. Lolly de Jonge who is filling that role again this year. In our post-conference survey, there were also requests for more exhibitors and more time to explore the exhibits. Our exhibitors were happy as well with one stating:

“Enjoyed being a part of this exciting group and a part of the very first conference!  . . . Space was great, committee was excellent to work with . . . for a first conference, it was very well done. Looking forward to the next conference and being a part of it again!"

 We believe that the people who were involved with the conference were inspired and that their commitment to midwifery as a calling and a means of social justice for all birthing people was reinforced. Midwifery Matters!

When & Where

The conference will be held Thursday, September 19 and Friday, September 20, 2019. 

The Hilton DoubleTree in downtown Edmonton 
9576 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3V3
TEL: +1-587-525-1234

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The AAM welcomes infants-in-arms and non-separating children to our conference. A room will be set aside with a refrigerator and comfortable seating for families and for those who would like to express and store their milk. Please bring your own breast/chest pump. Please note, this room may also be used for other purposes.


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Key Speakers and Events

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Chandra Martini
  • Call Back the Midwife: Resurrecting the History of Black Pioneer Midwives in Western Canada
Jennifer Summerfeldt
  • ‘Crimes Against Wisdom’ - An Investigation of Moral Injury, Compassion Fatigue, and Secondary Traumatic Stress for Maternity Care Professionals
Naomi Gracechild
  • Drop the D-Word: Looking Beyond Diversity and Deconstructing Systems of Oppression
Hermine Hayes-Klein
  • The Tension Between Law and Ethics in Maternity Care



Alberta Association of Midwives AGM (members only)
  • 4:15pm
Public Event: Midwives Made Me Do It—How Midwives Both Messed Up and Greatly Improved My Life - Michael Klein, MD
  • 6:30pm
DJ & Dance
  • 8:00pm

Select Speakers


Michael Klein
  • The Tyranny of Meta-analysis - Garbage In, Garbage Out
Trevor Macdonald
  • Allyship for Maternity Care Providers Serving Trans and Genderfluid/ Gender Neutral Pregnant, Birthing and Nursing People
Hermine Hayes-Klein
  • Risk, Evidence, Liability and Values in the Informed Consent Process
Nicola Strydom
  • Surrogacy
Heather Martin
  • Preceptor Discussion (Registered Midwives Only)
Joanna Noble
  • Pearls of Wisdom from the Risk Assessment Checklist Program
Nadine Robinson
  • Cultivating the Wisdom Within: Blooming Where You Are Planted


Thursday, September 19

Call Back the Midwife: Resurrecting the History of Black Pioneer Midwives in Western Canada
Chandra Martini

Chandra Martini is a descendant of the 1910 migration of Black settlers from the Southern United States to Western Canada. As a member of the Black pioneer descendant community, she has been able to access documents that illuminate an aspect of midwifery history that had previously been elided from mainstream accounts of midwifery in Canada. The results of Chandra’s research suggested that Black pioneer midwives inherited healing modalities and belief systems from a tradition arising out of enslaved communities in the Southern United States; further, they functioned as trusted and respected perinatal care providers and healers within their communities. Join Chandra as she looks at the history of Black pioneer midwives in Western Canada in the early 20th century with the aim of contributing to a more accurate and inclusive historical narrative of midwifery in Alberta.

‘Crimes Against Wisdom’ - An Investigation of Moral Injury, Compassion Fatigue, and Secondary Traumatic Stress for Maternity Care Professionals
Jennifer Summerfeldt

Jennifer Summerfeldt, holds an MA in Counselling Psychology and has nearly two decades of experience in maternal health and psychology. In addition to being a counsellor and a transformational coach, Jennifer has also been a childbirth advocate, maternal educator, doula, midwifery apprentice, and a published writer. She uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on motherhood, mental health, and healing. During this presentation, Jennifer will walk you through the impact of trauma exposure as a childbirth professional. You will learn signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress injury. As well, steps for prevention and treatment options.

Drop the D-Word: Looking Beyond Diversity and Deconstructing Systems of Oppression
Naomi Gracechild

Naomi is the founder and a principal at Euphony Equity and Inclusion Works, as well as a musician, educator, and social justice activist. Her solutions-based approach is to "call-in" people to realize their full potential to engage clients, other maternity care providers, stakeholders and other underrepresented identities, particularly gender diverse and racialized peoples. In this session, participants will learn and discuss the concepts of culture, diversity versus decolonization, equity, inclusion, identity, intersectionality and cultural competency. Participants will be invited to explore their own cultural identities, deconstruct their cultural biases, and critically examine systemic barriers to gain a deeper understanding of issues faced by people of underrepresented identities.

Midwives Made Me Do It —How Midwives Both Messed Up and Greatly Improved My Life (Thursday)
The Tyranny of Meta-analysis —Garbage In, Garbage Out (Friday)
Dr. Michael Klein

Dr. Michael Klein, author of Dissident Doctor: Catching Babies and Challenging the Medical Status Quo will deliver a keynote address on Thursday evening entitled Midwives Made Me Do It—How Midwives Both Messed Up and Greatly Improved My Life. Michael will share his story of how midwives shaped his life and how his work and research were influenced by his relationship with midwives. This event will include readings from his book and a book signing will follow. At the conference on Friday, Michael will speak on The Tyranny of Meta-analysis—Garbage In, Garbage Out in which he will use examples from the literature to illustrate how, in the words of Phil Hall, “We have gone from evidence-based decision-making to decision-based evidence making

Risk, Evidence, Liability, and Values in the Informed Consent Process
Hermine Hayes-Klein, attorney and international maternity healthcare advocate

Hermine Hayes-Klein is an attorney and international advocate for women's rights in maternal healthcare.  From 2008 - 2012, Hermine taught international law at The Hague University in The Netherlands, where she was the director of the Bynkershoek Research Center for Reproductive Rights.  Since 2012, Hermine has organized six multi-stakeholder international conferences on human rights in childbirth in Europe, the US, South Africa, and India, spoken publicly around the world on human rights in maternal healthcare, consulted on legislation relating to birth and breastfeeding in multiple jurisdictions, and worked directly on many legal cases relating to midwifery, informed consent, shared decision-making, and modern maternity care. Hermine and her family live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Friday, September 20

Growing Generations: Supporting Surrogacy Journeys
Nicola Strydom

Inspired by the many folks she's met throughout her years of travel, volunteer work and career work, Nicola puts her heart into educating and helping others. With her experience as a midwife, doula and international childbirth educator, it's no surprise that Nicola has been passionate about maternity care since she was young. During her presentation, entitled Growing Generations: Supporting Surrogacy Journeys, Nicola will provide information on caring for surrogate clients. From antepartum care, birth, and postpartum care, Nicola will share her research on surrogacy in Alberta including a host of references and resources.

Preceptor Discussion (Registered Midwives Only)
Heather Martin

Heather began her nursing education in 1999, qualifying for the Accelerated Nursing Education Program and began working in a labour and delivery unit after graduating in 2002. She also spent a year working full time in a tertiary level NICU. Heather went on to pursue her Masters in Nursing at the University of Alberta and, with a passion for global maternal health, she conducted her thesis research in Ghana, Africa, studying community support for childbearing women. Through her studies, Heather learned more about midwifery and a new fire was lit. Heather completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Midwifery, Cum Laude in 2013 and returned to Edmonton to begin her new career at JoySpring Midwifery as a Registered Midwife. Heather the moved to Passages Midwifery in Stony Plain where she has helped to continue Noreen Walker's legacy by dedicating her life to caring for diverse families and educating others about midwifery. Join Heather as she leads a Preceptor Discussion Circle on Friday, September 20.

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