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Midwifery Services at the Queen Elizabeth II Regional Hospital

January 10th, 2019 News Source: Alberta Health Services

Queen Elizabeth II Regional Hospital
10409 98 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2E8


Date: January 10, 2019
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From: Stacy Greening, Senior Operating Officer – Area 9 and Addictions & Mental Health
Danica Sharp, Director – Provincial Midwifery Administrative Office

RE: Midwifery Services at the Queen Elizabeth II Regional Hospital

We are pleased to announce that full midwifery services, with Registered Midwives admitting clients, will formally begin at the Queen Elizabeth II Regional Hospital (QEIIRH) on Monday, January 14, 2019.

The AHS Provincial Midwifery Administrative Office, the QEIIRH medical and administrative leadership team and Patricia Lenstra RM, Clinical Midwifery Liaison North Zone have worked collaboratively to establish Registered Midwives working at the site.

Registered Midwives (RM) play an important role in the provision of maternal and newborn care in Alberta. RMs provide primary care to women and their babies during pregnancy, antepartum, labour, birth and the postpartum period up to six weeks. All RMs in Alberta have a degree/formal education in midwifery and are registered with the College of Midwives of Alberta. In Alberta, a four year degree in midwifery is offered through Mount Royal University. RMs are well trained and considered specialists in normal pregnancy and birth. RMs are regulated by the College of Midwives of Alberta and operate in accordance with the AHS Midwifery Bylaws and Rules. AHS Midwifery Staff are clinically and administratively supported by the Provincial Midwifery Administrative Office.

The title "Midwife" is a protected title and its use by anyone other than a Registered Midwife is illegal.

Please join us in welcoming the two RMs, Patricia (Patty) Lenstra and Olabisi (Bisi) Adegunju, who will be admitting clients at the QEIIRH.

  • Patty began her healthcare career in Alberta as a Registered Nurse working in the Maternity Care Centre, Foothills Hospital in 1985. In 1991, Patty trained and began working as a Midwife in the Calgary Area. Today, Patty is the Midwifery Practice Lead at Birth Partnership (Midwifery Practice in Calgary), AHS Clinical Midwifery Director, Calgary & South Zone and the AHS Clinical Midwifery Liaison, North Zone. Patty has assisted AHS in implementing Midwifery Services in the South Zone and is looking forward to continuing to develop Midwifery Services in Grande Prairie.
  • Bisi originally trained as a Midwife in Nigeria graduating with a Midwifery diploma in 2004. Since moving to Canada, Bisi has obtained her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba in 2012 and completed a Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Midwives in 2015. Bisi has most recently been working as both a Midwife and a Nurse for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Bisi is excited to begin providing midwifery services to the people in the Grande Prairie area and looks forward to moving her family to Grande Prairie to join her.

In addition, work is underway to recruit an additional permanent Registered Midwife for continued expansion of client services offered in the Grande Prairie area. If you have any questions please contact Rosemary Van Herk-Auger, Director Patient Care at the QEIIRH or Heather Martin, Director Clinical Midwifery North, Central and Edmonton Zones.

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