Midwifery Q & A

Photo by Kristina Nichol

How long does it take to get a midwife?

After adding your name to the province-wide registry, you can expect to receive a confirmation email to the address that you specified on your application. If you are accepted into care, a midwifery clinic will contact you directly. The average wait time to hear back from a midwifery clinic is currently two to three weeks. Admission is based mainly on the availability of a midwife in your area for your estimated due date. Midwives typically welcome clients into care between 8-10 weeks gestation. Clients can be admitted into care from the registry by a midwife at anytime during their pregnancy, even as late as their third trimester. However, if you have not been accepted into midwifery care by the time you reach 12 weeks of gestation, we advise seeking prenatal care with a physician.