Midwifery Q & A

Photo by Kristina Nichol

What education and training do midwives have?

Midwives are highly skilled and educated professionals specializing in low-risk maternity care. Midwives are primary care providers and are qualified to order laboratory tests, ultrasounds, and prescribe medications in relation to pregnancy and childbirth. Registered Midwives hold a Bachelor of Midwifery degree (or its equivalent). In order to practice in Alberta, a midwife must be registered with the College of Midwives of Alberta (CMA) which is the provincial regulatory body for the profession. The CMA conducts an extensive review of qualifications, written and practical examinations, before a midwife can become registered.  All Registered Midwives must regularly complete continuing education requirements as set by the CMA. Currently, this includes regular recertification of CPR, Obstetrical Emergency Skills, and Neonatal Resuscitation.