About Us

We know that Albertans want access and choice in quality maternity care, and that there is an identified service gap in rural and remote communities and for vulnerable and indigenous populations. We also know that the cost of health care is a concern for all Albertans. Alberta midwives can play a role in responding to these concerns and meeting the Alberta Government's objective to close the maternity care gap.

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About Us

Our Mission

To promote the growth and sustainability of midwives and midwifery services in Alberta.

Our Vision

Alberta midwives practice in a sustainable way by delivering midwifery services that align with the Canadian Model of Midwifery Care and the profession of midwifery is understood, respected and valued by stakeholders. 

Our Values

  • Integrity:  We put our values into action by being fair and equitable in all of our dealings.
  • Member Focused:  We do what we do for midwives and are accessible and responsive to our members.
  • Inclusion and Equity: We advance midwifery as an inclusive profession for midwives who are of a racial, ethnic, sexual, gender or religious minority, or who have a disability.
  • Transparency:  We communicate honestly and fully about what we do and why we do it.
  • Respect and Love:  We hold all stakeholders in high esteem and ground our work in love.
  • Accountability:  We take responsibility for our actions and aim for excellence in all we do.

Our Embodied Culture

The Alberta Association of Midwives is committed to putting people first. The Board, staff and members who participate in our governance and day to day operations are thoughtful, authentic and passionate. Each of us is aware of our roles and responsibilities and the vision, mission and values of the AAM. Although we are disciplined and we focus on creating results, we don’t take ourselves too seriously so that we can have fun while being the change we want to see.